Farley’s Friday: Toys for Wheaten Terriers

Farley here,

This place is PAWsome!

I run and run and run. I find toys everywhere.

Kristina tries to take this log from me, thinking she can use it in the fireplace, but the I don’t let her. The fireplace makes the house hot and I don’t like the heat, so my mission is to hide anything my humans might like to burn.

Farley and LOg

I carry the log for several kilometres, and I have to admit, my jaw is getting a little tired. Eventually I have to give, and I lie down on my neighbours lawn. By the way, they were very nice and put in soft grass for me. Florida grass is too rough and hurts my paws. This grass is soft, and I love to hang out and let the blades tickle my belly.

As I chew my stick-log I see Kristina angling toward me. I have two choices, I can let her have the stick-log, or I can run away. Guess what I chose.

I have fun jumping to the left, then to the right as she tries to grab my toy.  She laughs, and I think she’s having fun too. In the end, because she’s so nice to me, I let her have my toy. She puts it in the fireplace to burn later.

What she doesn’t know is tomorrow, I’ll find another one and we can play the chase-me game again.

Woof Woof.


12 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Toys for Wheaten Terriers

  1. We have many dogs in daycare that enjoy playing with all our sticks. We have 12 acres and all but 3 are woods so we have planty of trees and sticks. Glad you are learing to play a land lovers game Love M.J.


  2. Dear Farley Tell your human that it looks like some spam comments are getting through. The bing.com ones are comingthrough on earlier post and there was one comment who even had a bad word in it’s name. I get many spam replies.even with filters


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