Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten, A Border Terrier, and A Rottweiler

Farley here,

Victoria is a magic place in British Columbia. In winter, the beaches are dog friendly. Yup, you heard that right. I can run off leash wherever I want.

You see my friend Piper. She’s the border terrier going crazy in the sand. The sand here is not like the sand in The Bahamas. The smell is a bit funky. I’m told that’s kelp. Now kelp is also slimy, so why would Piper want to roll in it?


Murphy is much more dignified. He understands the proper behaviour is to wade slowly into the water, stand tummy deep and gaze thoughtfully at the horizon. Piper, well, I don’t think she does anything thoughtfully, but I love her anyway. She part of my FFL pack.

Wool Wool


6 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten, A Border Terrier, and A Rottweiler

  1. The sight of your Border is so familiar. When I first saw your gravatar of you clutching a dog, I thought maybe it was your wheaten terrier as a pup! Now I realise my error. You too know the joy and madness of owning a Border.
    One of the vets in our local practice calls them ‘Border Terrorists’. The guy we usually see loves them, especially our Reilly who is so tolerant of everything done to him (much to our amazement). Despite this affection for the breed, he does question the sanity of another client who owns three! I’m pretty sure he’d love that environment too.


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