Farley’s Friday: Puppy Love

Farley here,

The doorbell rings. I blast out my doggie bed, slide across the newly stained hardwood floor and hustle down the stairs.

I push my human, Matt, out of the way. It’s very Important I get to the door first. There could be danger on the other side. There could be a friend. You just never know. I choose friend and wag and wiggle as best I can.

I can’t open the door by myself. I bark at Matt, wiggle some more. Doesn’t he get the urgency. “Come on, buddy,” I bark.

I then I hear it. A voice I’ll never forget. It’s Joe. I’m sure it’s Joe. I haven’t seen him since I was one. That’s five years.

I jump up, trying to get Matt to hurry. He laughs and opens the door. I explode through.

We bound, we rough-house, we run around in circles. The humans stand back and watch.

My muscles are sore, I’m panting hard. I think It’s time for a break. I invite Joe in to share my bed. We used to snuggle together all the time, but something has changed.

This is us 5 years ago.

Joe and Farley  then

This is us now.

Farley And Joe Age 6 an 8

I think the bed got smaller, but I still love Joe.

Woof Woof.


5 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Puppy Love

  1. Friends are wonderful gifts. No matter how far away or how long it has been since the last time you see them, you can pick up where you left off just like it was yesterday! So cool!


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