Farley’s Friday: Monster on the Deck

Farley Here,

A monster attacks Matt. I bark and whine and run in circles. I have to save him.

“What is this monster?” I bark.

Matt can’t hear me over the thunderous scraping and banging.

My sharp, strong teeth grab the edge of the monster and pull. Matt pulls back. I think he’s trying to save me. What a dummy. I’m trying to save him.

F and shovel

This goes on for an hour. I’m exhausted, but I’ve kept Matt alive.

We live another day to fight the snow monster.

Woof Woof


6 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Monster on the Deck

  1. Dear Far;eu.
    Glad you were there to protect Matt.from the monster. Goodness! Buffalo, New York could use your help if you, Matt, and Kristina want to take a side-trip.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Never Give Up


    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I Matt and Kristina were to exhausted to do any more shovelling after fighting off the monster. Besides, it’s too stressful of me. Think of the number of monsters in Buffalo.


  2. Wow we have those snow monsters too. Wait until you see the one with an engine that blows the snow way up in the air. I just hide inside. I am not brave like you.


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