Farley’s Friday: Dog Dreams

I wake up to Kristina rubbing my head. Her hands massage my ears and she whispers, “Shhhh.” I open my eyes to darkness and feel my soft bed underneath my belly. My breathing is ragged and my legs are tired. This is is how I know I’ve been dreaming.

But what do dogs dream about?

This . . .

Dog cookies

My friend Beans has a human who gives her cookies. All the time. On every walk. Who wouldn’t dream about that.

Now, I’m hungry, but there’s no way Kristina will feed me in the middle of the night. I know this, so I don’t even ask. She rubs my tummy until I fall back into a gentle sleep.

Woof Woof


3 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Dog Dreams

  1. I dream of chasing running and playing like when I was a puppy. That’s when my paws are twitching. If my lips are moving I am barking at chasing away something. If I make noises Momma Jean likes to comfort me because she thinks I sound like I am not having a pleasant dream. Some dogs wake up and bite someone who is touching them while they sleep. That is when you know the dog had a bad dream. I would NEVER do that. But Momma Jean always touches us before she puts her face near ours when we are sleeping.

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      1. I have never had a bad dream but some dogs who have been rescued may sometimes have dreams about their scary pass and wake up thinking they have to fight.


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