Farley’s Friday: Wheaten Winter Hiking

Farley here,

My peeps like lots of sports, but I’m a little more particular. I love nordic skiing and snow shoeing. So do they, but they also down hill ski. I can’t go with them when they downhill, something about a chair lift that I’m not allowed on. I don’t understand why. When we go winter hiking, snowshoeing or nordic skiing I have my own boots. Kristina calls them my hiking boots. I could wear them downhill skiing. I can run fast on the snow and keep up.

Farley hiking

My peeps wear all kinds of gear to go outside, so I know as soon as the helmets come out of the closet, I’m going to be left alone. First, I cry. I give my saddest whine.

Kristina ignores my cry and does up her chin strap.

I run in circles around her legs, I wiggle my tail, and go into a submissive pose.

Kristina puts on her mitts.

I run to the front window and bark.

Kristina and Matt get in the car. I’ve lost this time, but I’ll try again next time.

Just to rub it in, when they return home Kristina shows me the view they get while skiing. Pretty Pawsome, I have to admit.They are looking down at our house where I’m alone, hiding in the basement closet. Being alone can really suck.


Maybe someone could invent downhill skis for dogs. Then I could go too.

Woof Woof.


4 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Wheaten Winter Hiking

  1. I’m sure it’s for your safety too. Some clumbsy human could ski into you and hurt you. I know they do that to each other sometimes. I personally enjoy my quiet time. With Momma Jean working from our home and 4 other dog brother and sisiters not to mention Uncle Harry and Aunt Lisa living here I NEVER get a moment alone. You don’t know how nice it is to have that until it’s gone.


    1. I guess alone time is okay. Really, I sleep in Kristina’s pillow. I thinks she might suspect I’m on the bed when she’s not home, but she can’t prove it. I had two dogs here over Christmas, and you’re right. Sometimes things get a little to noisy. I’ll try to look on the bright side!


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