Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Eats Bananas?

Farley here,

I’m a carnivore. Let me be more specific. I like beef. I also like to chew sticks. Now the end of an unpeeled banana feels a bit like a  reed, which if you are honest, could be mistaken for a stick. I try a little, but Kristina won’t let me chew it.

Farley is Banana


She gives me a piece of beef and I gobble it.

Her hand is out to me a second time. I take the food without looking at it, without smelling it. A bit of a failure as a dog, I guess. I just assume it’s beef. But no! My mouth fills with something soft that tastes horrible. I spit it out and it lands on the floor in front of me.

I sniff the glob and it smells suspiciously like the banana I tried to chew. What kind of crazy owner tries to feed their dog banana? I’m going to be more careful in the future.

Woof Woof


4 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Eats Bananas?

  1. Bananas are sweet so some dogs like them. My new favorite snacks are fresh green beans and baby carrots. My dog brother Jiggs eats anything even tomatoes


    1. That’s crazy. Kristina told me their last dog Chica used to eat Bananas and peppers. I didn’t believe her. NoW I guess I have to. Jiggs must have weak taste buds. Who could eat a tomato? I bet he has a funny sense of humour. That’s the only way to explain it. Woof Woof.


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