18 Thoughts: Blog Hop

Yay! The amazing Jamie Ayres ‘s final book of her My So-Called Afterlife trilogy is coming out soon, and to celebrate, she’s sponsoring a blog hop.   18 THOUGHTS is the title (after 18 THINGS and 18 TRUTHS) and what could be more fitting than listing thoughts that inspire our lives?

Thanks to  Kidbits for the lead in to this post. I “Borrowed” the first paragraph from her.

The thought that inspires me:

Be Nice1

Thanks for Jamie instigating the blog hop…


12 thoughts on “18 Thoughts: Blog Hop

  1. My thought is sharing.. Sharing is such a nice thing to do. My dog brother Maverick will drop food outside of his bowl and let me lick it up while he eats. I like that sharing. Momma Jean shares little pieces of what she eats with me too. I offer mine to her but she declines. woof!


  2. With a looming foot of snow headed my way this Monday morning…Farley brings a big smile to my face. At this point I can actually hear his voice – he sounds a bit like Garfield 😉 Miss you!


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