Farley’s Friday: Finn Takes My Bed

Farley here,

My Friend For Life (FFL) is here. Finn arrived yesterday and is staying for two weeks. He’s an Icelandic sheepdog.

Now Kristina told me when you have a guest you have to be nice to them. So… I gave Finn my bed.

Finn in Bed

But then where will I sleep?

Not to worry, I found a place.

Farley in BEd

Although I’m not sure how Kristina feels about it. She has some rule about no animals on the furniture. Well, I just said. “If I had to be nice and give up my bed, she should be nice and give up the couch.

How could she argue that one?

Woof Woof


10 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Finn Takes My Bed

  1. You are such a sweet dog to give up your bed, Farley. Of course Kristina can’t argue with your sound logic about the sofa.
    Although, if she objects too much, you could always suggest she purchase a guest bed for your FFL!


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