Farley’s Friday: Anyone Know A Good Salon?

Crazy hair day. ’nuff said.

Crazy Hair

Woof Woof


10 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Anyone Know A Good Salon?

  1. Its hard to “like” a bad hair day. I went to a groomer in December and my pal was too busy so she let someone else groom me. Well I went in as an Aussie and came out as a bear! Take heart, you will look like yourself again soon. For now, just enjoy how happy people get when they see you. You still brighten their day. – (Ellen for) Quincy


    1. I certainly brighten their day. I think they’re still laughing at my hair. I guess we’ve all had salon issues. Kristina once has a perm – you remember when perms were in – and she had hair below her shoulder blades. The result was so awful, she went to a different salon and had them cut her hair vary short. She wasn’t happy.


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