Acknowledgement Tracking: When Writing Your Novel(s)

The closer DESCENT becomes to being published, the more work there seems to be.

When the manuscript is being prepared for print or e-book versions, there are sections on the inside that need writing. It’s all fun writing a novel or two, but do you remember who helped you along the way?

The time is close to when I have to commit to my acknowledgment section, and I’m a little stressed. What if I miss someone? Did I thank the right people?

So many people helped me write, and it took me four years to finish four novels. For some reason, I decided to keep a spreadsheet with who helped me on each novel. This includes beta readers, proofreaders, anyone who helped me with research, and of course family. At the time, I laughed at myself, but now I’m glad I did.

So I have my list, I’ve written the acknowledgement section, and I have one more question.

Do I ask people ahead of time if they are ok with being in print, or do I surprise them?

What’s your opinion?

If you haven’t read my blog before, I’ve signed on with Imajin Books and intend to blog about my publishing adventure. I’ll share what I learn and hope it helps someone out there get their novel published.

Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “Acknowledgement Tracking: When Writing Your Novel(s)

  1. I’ve written the acknowledgments for my upcoming novel and didn’t tell anyone. I like the element of surprise! Clever, though, keeping that list. Even more clever, writing 4 books in 4 years. Kudos.


  2. I think it’s always a good policy to not surprise people.

    Assume someone mentioned:
    Did I think the right people? (thank)


  3. Absolutely, without doubt, totally, indisputably (you getting a sense of direction here!) …. you must ask first! There are two reasons that immediately come to mind:
    1. Courtesy – If you are going to mention somebody’s name, they should be aware of the fact.
    2. Privacy – There are people out there who simply like a very low profile and would not be impressed if they become a public identity.

    Anybody who has assisted in any way with your book would no doubt love to hear a thank you, but some may not want it in print for all to see.

    3. (Just thought of it). Not getting pre-approval could well dictate you hiring a lawyer! 🙂 🙂


      1. Surprising people is nice ………….. as long as you can guarantee that it would be a nice surprise! You may well get the surprise though with a law suit as I believe (?) that ones name is ones personal property = you cannot use it without their consent.


  4. I think surprising people is the BEST! I never expect to be acknowledged in people’s books, but when I do, I’m tickled pink . . . I can’t imagine anyone having a problem with it. A lot of people don’t read that part though, so I usually tag them in a FB or Twitter post 🙂


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