Relax – It’s only a photo shoot!

Now that I’ve signed what Imajin Books I need an author photo.

I chose to work with a professional photographer local to my area. We met before the shoot and discussed the image I wanted to portray. I’ve used an image of myself with Farley for the last 6 years and love the photo, but thought it was time for an update.

My first decision was with or without Farley. Poor Farley got bumped. I liked the photo of the two of us because I thought it portrayed who I am and what my life is about. I’m sad to let this photo go, but it’s time to set a new image. I wanted my new author photo taken outdoors in a natural setting, and I wanted to come across as approachable and friendly. My novels take place in the BC wilderness, so my photo should portray the setting too.

The photographer, Kimberly Rae Sanderson, made me feel comfortable right away. I was nervous and needed to relax if the photos were to be any good.  We met at Lake Lillian, a small lake in the Purcell Mountains. We chose early evening so the lighting was soft – translate to I’d look better 🙂

When the shoot was over, Kimberly sent me 98 photos to choose from.  Here are the two I liked best.

KristinaStanley-24 KristinaStanley-75

I’ll use the portrait on the inside back cover of my novels. I plan to use the black and white photo in various places on the internet. As usual, I now have to find all the spots where Farley and I have been posted on the internet and replace the old photo with my new photo.

It’s fun, all the things that come with writing a novel.

If you haven’t read my blog before, I’ve signed on with Imajin Books and will blog about my publishing adventure. I’ll share what I learn and hope it helps someone out there get their novel published.

Thanks for reading…




9 thoughts on “Relax – It’s only a photo shoot!

      1. I just rec’d the gallery this morning, haven’t had a chance to really look at them. I’m allowed to pick 15! But first I have to decide on the cover. At a quick glance, I do like them. I never liked the studio shot I’m using now, which looks very photoshopped. The photos I have now were taken outdoors and are “authentic.” The idea is that people can actually recognize us from our cover, not say “Oh that photo must be 20 years old!” Stay tuned, I plan to post about it as well.


  1. Dear Kristina,
    Thank you for sharing about your signing with Imajin Books! It looks like they treat authors right. I like both of your pictures that you chose. I especially like the one second one.

    I look forward to seeing your book in print and in eBook format!


    Never Give Up


  2. Pictures are new image of you, and i think welcoming, make me want to read and know you the auther better. Definitely more professional look. No disrrspect Farley. Best. e


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