Farley’s Friday: I Have a Girlfriend!

Farley here,

My heart starts to pound. My legs turn to Jelly. I see the dog of my dreams. Tell me she’s not beautiful. I dare you. We met while out for a walk with my humans.


Her name is Beans, because she’s – you know – full of them. I see her strutting toward me with a glint in her eye. Her fur is silky, her tail is wagging. She’s inviting me to play.

She has this cool human who throws food in the water. I offer for her to go after the food first but discover she doesn’t like to swim. It’s all about her beautiful fur. She’s just been to the salon.

I don’t want her know I’m afraid of deep water. I’ve just been bragging that I lived on a sailboat for five years, so in I go.

Kristina can’t believe it. She’s clapping her hands and giggling. She thinks I’m swimming, but my toes are actually touching the ground. There’s no way I’m going in over my head. Not for food. Not even for my girlfriend. Girlfriends are supposed to like you even though you may have a weakness, right?

Did I mention I’m crazy about Beans? I’ve gotta go find her again.

Woof woof.


4 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: I Have a Girlfriend!

  1. Dear Farley, I’m glad you found a girl friend and that you enjoy adventures in the water together. It was a beautiful photo you shared.

    When you see “Beans,” is it like Woof or Woof Woof or woof woof woof!


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