Farley’s Friday: A Proofreading Dog

Farley here.

I’m getting a bit jealous of Kristina’s writing. She spends more time “working” than walking me. When we lived in the Bahamas we were off the boat by 7 am at the latest, and would meet our friend for life, Debi. She’s a human, not a dog, but still my friend. We’d go for a long beach run. Then the ladies would do yoga or work out on the beach while I relaxed in the shade.

Now this is what I get to do.

Farley reading DESCENT

Kristina thinks I can proofread. If I wag may tail once, it means all is good. If I whine, I’ve found a mistake.  My day starts with an hour of reading while Kristina markets her book, whatever that means.

She’s hosting a Facebook Launch Party for her debut novel, DESCENT, on July 25th from 3-6 pm EST. There will be prizes – meaning authors are giving away books to the lucky people who are the first to answer a trivia question. I can’t tell you what the questions are because she won’t tell me. Come by and say hello to me, Farley, and you could win a book! Just click here to join.

Woof Woof


7 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Proofreading Dog

  1. I didn’t see the above link to click but will if you tell me where it is. I too must wear glasses at times with all the reading I do. Do you ever get your human to write a dog or two into her stories.?

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