Descent’s Launch: 5 Sleeps to Go

DescentCoverYesterday, I took a break from blogging about DESCENT to host Luke Murphy, author of Kiss & Tell. If you missed his blog, you can still check it out and see what he had to say about his new release.

And speaking of guest blogging, I’ve been invited to post throughout the summer. I’ll write about research, the publication process, DESCENT of course, the most stressful part writing and other writing related topics. So drop on by the following blogs… I’ll be hosted by:

  • July 24th: Rosemary McCracken author of the Pat Tierney Mystery series.
  • July 26th: Debra Purdy Kong author of the Casey Holland transit mysteries.
  • July 28th: Luke Murphy  author of Dead Man’s Hand and Kiss & Tell.
  • July 31st: Eileen Schuh author of adult Sci-fi novellas and YA BackTracker series.
  • August 3rd: Catherine Atsolfo author of  Sweet Karoline, The Bridgeman, Victim, Legacy, Seventh Fire and Up Chit Creek.
  • Aug 7th: Judy Penz Sheluk author of Hanged Man’s Noose. RELEASED TODAY (July 21st) so check out amazon and support a fellow author 🙂
  • August 11th: Joan Y. Edwards illustrator and author of Flip Flap Floodle
  • August 14th: Carol Balawyder criminologist and author of A Simple Act of Love and Cora’s Cry For Help.
  • August 18th: Jim Jackson author of the Seamus (Shay-Mus) McCree series.
  • August 21st: Donna Galanti author of A Human Element and A Hidden Element.
  • August 28th: Melodie Campbell author of The Goddaughter series, A Purse To Die For, Land’s End Trilogy and Code Name: Gypsy Moth
  • Oct 2nd. The Mysteristas

Thank you to all these wonderful people for inviting me into their cyberspace!

If you’d like to have me guest blog on your site, please contact me here.

Descent is available for pre-order on,,,,,,,, and many more. And here’s just a little picture about what happened yesterday on my writing journey.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 3.43.45 PM

Did I mention it’s only 5 days to go and if you’re pre-ordered DESCENT with be delivered to your eReader on July 25th. The paperback will be available to order on July 25th too!

And as usual, thanks for reading…


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