Farley’s Friday: Where Can A Dog Go Shopping?

Farley here,

Tomorrow is the local Farmer’s Market. As you can see by the shopping bag I’m wearing, I’m very excited about this event.

Farley Goes Shopping

Normally, when Kristina goes grocery shopping I have to stay at home. ALONE. That’s not just right, but because the market is outdoors, I can go with her. I’ll get to meet other dogs – town dogs – not wilderness dogs like me. I’m a bit nervous about that. I have no street smarts, but I’m going to put my best paw forward and be brave.

Besides who could resist me when I look so handsome in my bag?

Woof Woof


11 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Where Can A Dog Go Shopping?

  1. Town dogs will be jealous of you and will want to sniff your butt. Just check out the messages they leave for you on the posts and planted trees. Try not to potty on the concrete. People in towns hate that. Happy shopping

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  2. Farley, you’re rocking that shopping bag. No one will be able to resist you. Just remember to only talk to strangers while Kristina is with you. We don’t want any mean, old, scary people snatching you up because you’re cute. Can’t wait to hear about how your adventure went!

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    1. It was great. I even got a dog treat from the lemonade stand. I met other dogs. One was a wheaten terrier just like me. Strangers pet my head. I liked a little girls face and made her laugh. All in all, a great day. Your farmers market is silly.

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