MYSTERY MONDAYS: Michael J Conn Brings Horror Your Way

If you don’t have enough frightening experiences in your life, then turn to fiction and check out what Michael J Conn has to say about writing Horror.

First a bit about his novel, THE RIGHT TURN.

right_turn_wholeEdward Henry has a problem. He’s starting to remember again. As he turns away from his memories he embraces the monsters in his life. Some of his demons are not so happy to see him again.
From his isolated mansion in the Canadian wilderness, he faces a legion of horrors in his struggle to remain in the dark. With some strategic use of his father’s axe he confronts his shadows one by one.
Follow the mind of an obsessed man trying to determine which reality he wants to live in. What is it Edward needs to forget…
And now a bit about Michael;
M Conn
In May 2012 Michael release his first novel, Maxwell Huxley’s Demon, a Dystopian YA action/adventure story. Maxwell was downloaded over 10,000 times and he is now working on a Maxwell sequel. Maxwell can be found here:
Soon after Maxwell, Michael released The Right Turn, a psychological thriller that some call a horror novel. With a close bond to The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Right turn follows Edward as he makes a choice between the happy path or the safe path, the path he needs or the path he should take. The Right Turn can be found here:
Michael is a software engineer who works from Victoria, Canada, with clients and coworkers spread around the globe. 
Next week, please help me welcome mystery  Catherine Astolfo, who’ll tell you about female protagonists…

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