Farley’s Friday: A Doggy Bromance

Farley here,

I’ve been living in the mountains since last fall, but sometimes it takes a while to get to know your neighbours.

Let me introduce Max. He lives next door, his sister’s name is Ruby and he has four humans living in his house, so I understand he’s been busy. This week he’s decided we’re going to be friends.

Farley and Max

I’m officially calling this a bromance. Now we can wrestle, play with sticks and generally run wild. Could Max turn into another Friend For Life? I think it’s possible.

Woof Woof


6 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Doggy Bromance

      1. Here is an excerpt from my 3rd book which is next to publish on how I settle stick arguments “Hold on you two. What’s the problem,” I ask? “I was running over to pick up the stick and Indy pushed me out of the way and grabbed it,” Annie said. “Well that means I got there first so it’s mine,” Indy replies. I look around the huge yard they are playing in and I see about twenty five sticks of various sizes all over the ground. I turn back to them and ask, “What’s wrong with those sticks over there?” They start to continue to talk over me and argue, which is not permitted on MY watch so I grab the stick from them and break it in half. “There now you both have a piece of the stick. That settles it.” There is silence as I walk away for they know not to mess with me.

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