Who are my blog readers?

My burning quest is to know more about who is reading and engaging with my blog. I’ve a computer mathematics degree, and it’s my nature to analyze data to make things (as in my blog) better. Today I’m focussing on writers.

So if you’re a writer, will you help me by answering a few questions?

Thank you for helping me!


21 thoughts on “Who are my blog readers?

  1. We write for fun. I am not as educated in writing as you . I just like sharing my knowledge on dogs and what makes us behave as we do with you humans. Actually that last sentence is Pennsylvania Dutch. It should be I just like sharing my knowledge with you humans on dogs and what makes us behave as we do. We live in PA and my human was raised here so she sometimes has me talking that way too. Another funny example of PA Dutch talking is ” Throw the cow over the fence some hay.” Being a Canadian I thought you would like this.

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    1. I’m wondering how I can fit “throw the cow over the fence some hay” into a novel. It’s pretty funny. I didn’t know there was a Pennsylvania Dutch. Does that mean you can speak in code? I love to read your blog about dogs. You always have something fun to say.


      1. Thank you for your kind words Don’t know the origin of how it happened. Sort of like Yiddish is to Hebrew. I believe it’s a mix of Dutch and German. As we traveled we also found out that ” pocketbook” seems to be from around this area of the country. ( that’s another name for a purse)

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  2. cool poll. Might do something like this some day. I had to laugh at the question about the writing software! I sit down to a blank page and start writing. Can’t imagine trying to navigate my way around software. I tried Scrivener once (even took a course) and hated it. Way too many shiny things to distract me from the task at hand.

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      1. I grew up sailing a Class 10, crewed on a Columbia 50 on the Great Lakes, and then skippered a Shields class in California (but with LOTS of help and grumbling from my husband when he had to be first mate!). I have a 17 foot center boarder now – frisky and downright scary in a big wind.

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