Call for Submissions: Voices From The Valleys

Are you a writer or aspiring author who is living (or has lived) in British Columbia, Canada?

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.33.47 AMWould you like to see your BC-based story or poem in print in a high-quality?

Cobalt Books is calling all writers and poets from the interior of BC (or who have spent time there), and surrounding valleys and the Kootenays, to submit a short fictional story, a short creative nonfiction piece (a fascinating true story, well told), or a poem for an anthology in which BC’s recent history, varied lifestyles, rugged landscapes, or stunning natural features play somewhat of a role.

Cobalt Books has enough submissions for the Okanagan Valley but is still looking for submissions from other areas of BC. You can find the full submission guidelines here. Submissions deadline: October 31, 2015.

Why am I promoting this one?

My short story Deirdre Hunting Season has been accepted for publication in this anthology, and I’d love to have other BC authors join me in this venture.

EXCERPT of Deirdre Hunting Season:


Due to the shortage of deer in the area, our community restricted deer hunting to bucks with four point antlers. The doe in the area needed more males. Well, so did I. I was forty years old, and my buck just married a doe half his age.

The hard part . . . In our small town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, everyone knew everyone. I did the books for half a dozen businesses on Main Street and was known as the accountant with the cheating husband. That’s me. Failure at marriage extraordinaire. I’m a rule follower. I do good deeds. I volunteer. I’ve never even received a parking ticket. So what happened in my life surprised me.

The day mother nature blew the leaves off my tree, I came home unexpectedly. We’d hired a local company to clean our air ducts, and the guy doing the work was supposed to come the following day. He called and asked if I could meet him a day early. I rushed home, even though I was busy, unlocked the front door and headed toward the back of the house. I’d told him I’d leave the kitchen door open for him.

Fifteen years of marriage pin-holed to one moment. A naked woman standing in my kitchen, leaning against my sink, drinking water from my glass.


The full short story will be published in Voices From The Valleys later this year.

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Thanks for reading…


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