Farley’s Friday: A Dog Gets Cold Too…

Farley here,

Some of you may know I’m a bit of a softy. Comfort is my thing. Except when my brain turns off and I’m playing.

I went for a little dip in a creek this week, along with three other dogs, so what happened wasn’t all my fault.

The creek bottom was full of black mud, and Kristina wasn’t too thrilled with me.

When we got home, she washed me. But really, did she have to use the outside hose? Couldn’t she have run a bath inside the house?

No, she says. I was too dirty. She shampooed me twice. Twice.

I don’t like to be shampooed, so I tricked her and huddled in the living room and shivered and shook. I wasn’t really cold, but I wanted some love. So what does she do? She wraps me in a towel.

Farley with towel

I think she likes it when I look silly. But I do have to give her credit. She used one of her good towels because all mine were covered with mud 😉

Woof woof.


12 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Dog Gets Cold Too…

        1. I did, I did. Kristina is the biggest softy I know, and she can’t resist me 🙂 Especially if she thinks I’m not happy. I cuddle her too. I can tell if she’s sad and needs me to lick her cheek.


  1. Farley you would get along well with my dog, Bau (short for Mr. Baudelaire). He loves getting all muddy and hates when I bathe him. Actually the blanket on you is really in style these days, at least politically, when our leaders across Canada are discussing the Berka.:) Just tell Kristina to pull it up a bit more over your mouth and you could be the poster dog for some campaigns. 🙂 .

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