Farley’s Friday: Who chews a purse?

Farley here,

I don’t know what I was thinking. Well, I guess I wasn’t thinking. Look what I did today. I chewed Kristina’s purse. And not just any purse. Her mom gave her this purse, and she loves it.

Farley Chews Purse

She walks into the room. She’s surprised. I never chew anything, so at first she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Then I see the light go on, and she knows I’ve been misbehaving.

She takes the purse away from me, gives me a loving pat on my head, and says, “Really, this is your new thing?”

I wag my tail.

She hugs me.

I lick her face.

She takes me for a walk. She sure is tough with discipline 🙂 Now I just feel guilty. Couldn’t she have been even a little mad at me?

She gave me a starring role in her second novel, BLAZE, and to thank her I try to eat her purse. How do I make this up to her?

Woof Woof.


17 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Who chews a purse?

  1. So glad you saw this glitch within the context of a loving relationship. It’s like leaving your lipstick withing reach of a two-year-old. The purse looked yummy, a nice way to spend some idle time. All a matter of perspective.

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  2. I bet that corner of her purse had some neat food smell on it. Maybe she had food on her hands when she picked it up and that is what tempted you to chew it. That’s what I would say anyway. I just turn it around on them.

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  3. I have a thing for shoes, especially the ones that smell like feet. Football boots are the very best! Keep up the good work Farley. Love Sabrina the Labrador x


  4. Oh dear Farley you have been reading my Monday blog haven’t you? Saang Chai here woof… I hope I don’t get the blame for your chewing that purse, well I just lick and something happens but my mistress sounds like yours she sticks up for me woof..nice blog..woof


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