Farley’s Friday: Gonna Get That Squirrel

Farley here,

Kristina is busy getting ready for her Facebook Launch Party and release of her second novel BLAZE on Sunday, so I have to keep myself occupied.

I don’t have a problem with that as I have a new FFL – Friend For Life – and he’s a squirrel.

Farley watching sqirrel

He’s collecting nuts for the winter, so he’s a little busy too, but he makes times to play with me.

The game:

Squirrel runs down side of tree.

I bark.

Squirrel runs up tree.

I wag my tail.

Squirrel runs down side of tree…

You get the idea.

We do this for hours, until I can’t focus anymore and I just gotta nap.

Farley napping

Woof Woof


13 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Gonna Get That Squirrel

  1. My dog brother Grady would LOVE to have a squirrel to play with. All we do is say the word squirrel and Grady starts running to trees and looking up at them

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    1. Did you ever catch it? Once I caught a porcupine. That wasn’t so good. Okay twice I did that. Both times the porcupine walked away unharmed, but only after stuffing my face with his quills. So I say, don’t bite a porcupine.


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