10 Tips on Growing Your Blog Audience…

There are some useful tips here for anyone trying to grow their blog. Thanks to Confetti & Curves for putting this together.

How To Grow Your Blog Audience

As a proud blog mama, creating an online haven is most definitely something I’d highly recommend to anyone. Not only is it bundles of fun but you also get to meet droves of like minded blog buddies from all over the globe. It’s therapeutic, creative and oddly addictive (in the best kind of way) however when starting off it can be a little frustrating pouring all your creative juices into great features but not having an audience to fully appreciate your hard work & efforts.

Although blogging should never be solely about the numbers, it’s still incredibly fulfilling when your readership expands & the support rolls in to reflect your passion. So if you’re new to blogging or just simply want to learn more about growing your audience as organically as possible, then check out these handy hints and tips that have really helped me along the way…



Unless you’ve hours to burn each day, keeping a proactive presence on…

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