BLAZE is Published, and Thanks Are in Order

Amazing people. That’s who helped me with BLAZE. Every time I read this list, I smile. I think of all the questions I asked, all the discussion we had, all the critiquing on the manuscript and am truly thankful.

The myth about writing being lonely is just a myth. How could I be lonely with all these friends to assist me? Near the beginning of BLAZE you can find the acknowledgements.


Mathew, the love of my life, is the person I need to thank first.

 A heartfelt thanks goes to my friends for life who read, reread, commented and commented again: Liliana Conn, Michael Conn, Adrienne Cristelli-Stewart, Janice Janczyn, Sue Kreiling, Debi Sarandrea and Libby Simon.

A burning thank you to Calgary firefighters extraordinaire, Chris Ganzewinkel, Billy Stewart.

For expert advice in their fields, thank you to Dr. Rama Behki, Jeff Dodge, George Duncan, Derrick Francis, and Tony Trimble.

I would like to thank Humber School for Writers through which I received feedback from Joan Barfoot and Mary Gaitskill, and Garry Ryan for his support and mentorship through Crime Writers of Canada.

And of course, thank you to Cheryl Kaye Tardif and Imajin Books for believing in me.


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