Top Picks Thursday 11-12-2015

Thanks to The Author Chronicles for the shout out to Mystery Mondays and to C.S Lakin’s advice on how to show through your characters’ senses.

The Author Chronicles

As mid-November creeps up on us, we welcome you to this week’s Top Picks Thursday!

Halloween has passed, but these articles caught our eye this week: What if your favorite books were Halloween candy? and A Halloween Cocktail Recipe from Shakespeare Not Stirred.

For those participating in NaNoWriMo, Shaunda Kennedy Wenger reminds you to consider your setting, and Katharine Grubb lists the top 10 NaNoWriMo emergency prompts for the overwhelmed.

Check out the New York TimesBest Illustrated Children’s Books of 2015.

For all the talk of diversity in the arts, Anna Holmes wonders: Has “diversity” lost its meaning?

The value of good writing communities cannot be overstated. Social media makes it easy to find them, but Nancy J. Cohen reminds us of an often overlooked resource—the value of listserves.

In dark news, 4 Hong Kong publishers known for books critical of the Chinese…

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