Mystery Mondays: Eileen Schuh on the Mystery of Life

Sometimes a person needs more coffee before they post. My apologies to Eileen Schuh for missing the “Mystery Of Life” portion of the blog. I’ve added her words below…

Creative Story Editors

Please help me welcome Eileen Schuh who is here to talk about her lastest novel Dispassionate Lies and the Mystery of Life.

The mystery of life… (by Eileen Schuh)

It came to pass that there existed sensations that had never before been experienced. Gone was the prevailing rhythmic warmth, replaced with cacophony.

I would later learn words for those new sensations–light, sound, cold, pain–and be taught to recognize the distinctive pattern in the cacophony that was me.

But at the time, it was simply the moment of creation of both me and my world, for I comprehended no separation. I would later learn that this was the moment I was born, the moment I achieved a human identity and had rights bestowed on me. A moment, they say, in time.

From whence I came and why, remains a mystery.

Perhaps because life is such a mystery, the human spirit is…

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