Farley’s Friday: Playtime

Farley here,

The sun rises over the mountain peaks just as I hear a bark. You’d think it was early, but it’s already 10:30. We have short days up north, especially in-between the mountains.

The temp is well below zero. The groomers are getting the runs ready for skiing. And I’m minding my own business.

There it is again. A bark. I don’t smell any humans other than Kristina, so who’s out here alone?

“It’s me, Max,” my neighbour barks.

Clearly, he’s escaped again and is heading our way. Before Kristina can react and send him home, I run.

Farley Running

“I’m coming,” I bark. Kristina, with her humans legs, is slow. I slip around her before she can catch me and head his way.

Farley playnign with Max 2

Max’s owner yells for him to come.

“Ignore him,” I bark.

He glances once in the direction of home, once back at me, and says, “Let’s go.”

Kristina has her phone out. She’s going to tell on Max, but she’s smiling. I know she’ll let us play, and I love to play with Max.

Happy Friday!

Woof Woof.



25 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Playtime

  1. Thanks for the little story on the great photographs from Farley’s point of you! POV in the fresh snow, reminds me of chilly winter on Mount Lassen, California. Of course our parents kept hot thermos of hot tea and chocolate to warm us up. Do you need to rub Farley down before going back inside?

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  2. WOW we haven’t had any snow yet this season. Momma Jean hasn’t even used a coat to got to the barn during this winter. They say it may be 70 degrees this weekend. As a dog I don’t mind it

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