Farley’s Farley: Busted

Farley here,

Last week we had a four year old boy visit our house. Did you know four year old humans are shorter than regular humans? Much shorter than the humans I’m used to.

This little boy needed a pillow on the chair to boost him up, otherwise he couldn’t reach his food. Kristina went to the living room and fetched (ha ha – I said fetched for a human) one of the fancy living room pillows for the boy.

After everyone went to bed, I snuck downstairs, crept under the table, and with my teeth, slid the soft pillow off the dining room chair and onto the floor.

Wow, did I have a good night’s sleep.

Farley on pillow

However, Kristina – my tall human – was a bit quiet and I didn’t hear her get up in the morning.

Busted! She caught me sleeping on the pillow.

What’s a dog to do except run to her, wag his tail, give her a big lick, and look as cute as possible.

What did Kristina do? She leaned down, gave me a hug and a cookie, and said, “No sleeping on my good pillows.”  Yup, that’s going to keep me from stealing pillows in the future.

Woof Woof.


11 thoughts on “Farley’s Farley: Busted

  1. I am confused Your human thought it was OK for the small human to put his butt on the good pillow but some how had an issue with your fuzzy head resting on it. I will never understand them completely/

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  2. Dear Farley,
    The sleep was wonderful on the good pillow wasn’t it? You were quite ingenious! I’m proud you love your owner so much that you’ll let the good pillows go! You’re a great dog, Farley.


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