Farley’s Friday: SQUIRREL!

Farley here,

Look what Kristina did to me now. I’m thinking she can read my mind, just by the way I’m giving her my big brown-eyed, I’m-the-most-pathetic-dog-ever stare and she gets I don’t want to wear boots pulled up like socks.

Farley Boots

“What are you thinking?” I bark.

Kristina scratches my ear. “There’s a ton of snow and it’s warm. You know what that means…Remember what happened the other day?”

I do remember. Kristina spent an hour getting snow clumps off my fur. I loved it. But, alas, I wag my tail and give in. Let’s just get out the door.

We hit the trails. I’m running as fast as I can in these silly boots, when I hear the tell-tale squeak of a squirrel. I glance to my left.

There it is! Without thinking I bound through the snow.

Farley Squrrel

I chase and I chase, but I just can’t get him. He’s too fast.

Then guess what happens. My boot comes off. Oops.

Do you see how deep the snow is? Kristina didn’t wear snowshoes today, and she had to climb through deep powder to get my boot.

“Don’t come in here,” I bark. “You’ll never find it.”

She laughs and me, gets down on her hands and knees and crawls across the snow. She must really want my boot.

After a little digging, she actually finds it.

“Ta da,” she says.

Boo, I think. Then I jump on her and lick her face. I love to play and what’s better than playing with my human in the snow? Not much, really.

In case you hadn’t heard, Kristina’s first novel is on sale, but only until tomorrow. She’s very proud of DESCENT, so if you haven’t read it, now’s your chance to get the eBook free.

Woof Woof


9 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: SQUIRREL!

    1. Every dog needs a job to feel useful. Underneath all my fur, I’m pretty skinny. And you’re right. I don’t like being covered in snowballs, and the walk did turn out to be a riot.


  1. Dear Farley,
    What a bummer that your boot came off when you were in hot pursuit of the squirrel! I’m so glad that your owner takes such good care of you!

    That’s a heap of snow you had there.


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