Early Praise for The Author’s Guide To Selling Books To Non-Bookstores

Publishing my first non-fiction book is just as stressful as publishing a novel. The great part is now I’ve been through the process a few times, and I know what Imajin Books expects from me.

As promised on my home page, I’m sharing what I learn during the publishing process. It’s still hard to ask for endorsements, but I did, and they are making their way into my inbox, and I just have to share the first one. My strategy is to find endorsements from traditionally published authors, Indie published authors and editors with the idea that a well rounded list will help promote the book.

Bird's Eye ViewThe first in is from Elinor Florence, author of BIRD’S EYE VIEW (Dundurn Press).

Bird’s Eye View is a historical novel, the unforgettable story of an idealistic young Canadian woman who joins the air force in the Second World War and becomes an aerial photographic interpreter.

Working with hundreds of other intelligence officers at a converted mansion in England, Rose Jolliffe spies on the enemy from the sky.

What she sees through her magnifying glass will change the course of history — and her own life — in ways she never imagined.

“Thinking outside the box (i.e. bookstores) is a great way for authors to increase their sales. Like Kristina Stanley, I’ve had success selling my Second World War novel Bird’s Eye View in non-bookstores, but I still learned a lot from reading her step-by-step comprehensive guidebook. I especially appreciated her advice regarding checklists and spreadsheets – something every author should embrace!”Elinor Florence.


Non-Fiction Announcement 2

The success in selling and distributing DESCENT and BLAZE came from implementing what I learned by trial-and-error, by talking with other authors and store owners about the process, and from guidance from my publisher. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and put it into a book.

In THE AUTHOR’S GUIDE TO SELLING BOOKS TO NON-BOOKSTORES I explain how an author should plan, prepare and execute getting books into stores and actually making money from it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Indie author or traditionally published, all that matters is you have a printed edition of your fiction or nonfiction book and you want to get that book out into the world.

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9 thoughts on “Early Praise for The Author’s Guide To Selling Books To Non-Bookstores

  1. The topic of this book is something I haven’t pursued much but I know people who have and it wasn’t easy for them. I’m sure we can arrange for a guest blog post or interview around release time to help with promoting it.

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