Farley’s Friday: I’m Showing My Fangs

Farley here,

The humans down the street have a new dog. His name is Finn, and he’s a Portuguese Water Dog. Except he doesn’t really like water, so what’s with the name?

The golf course is free of snow but not open for golfers yet. So we get to run, play, wrestle… on 18 fairways.  That’s a lot of turf to cover.

I know my fangs are out and I look a bit vicious, but I’m not. This is how we play. Finn is a rough-and-tumble kinda guy. I don’t actually bite him. He’s only 7 months old, and I’m seven years.

Farley and Finn

In the end, I’m exhausted but so happy to have a new friend living in my neighbourhood. I can’t wait to get out there again and chase him around the bunkers.

Woof Woof





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