Farley’s Friday: Bears and Dogs

Farley here,

It’s bear season again, and you know that means. I’m back on a leash. I made the mistake once, only once, of chasing a bear, and now Kristina thinks I’m not reliable when there are bears around.

This guy was in our backyard last year. We’d just come home from a walk, and he was meandering across our grass and over into the neighbours yard.  He’s pretty little, so what harm could he do. He’s giving me a snarky look because I’m barking at him. No chasing though. Kristina has a good grip on my harness.


But I can still have fun with a leash on. Kristina lets me sneak around the golf course sometimes. This is my favorite hill. Rolling down it is a blast. Then it’s back to Kristina and walking on leash. I don’t know why that’s safer than walking off-leash. But she’s in charge, so what’s a dog to do?

Farley rolling downhill

Woof Woof


16 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Bears and Dogs

  1. Sorry Farley, I think Kristina is right this time. I mean, I am sure that bear is secretly shaking in his bear paws at your fearsome barking, but even so, those claws are sharp.

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    1. Have fun at the cottage. You’ll get used the leash. I spend my first 5 years off leash, and even I got the hang of it. Just don’t drag Judy around too much. Humans don’t like that.


  2. Dear Farley,
    Kristina loves you very much. It would break her heart if anything happened to you. You are her life line to happiness. That’s why she puts you on a leash! I would love to roll down the hills with you.

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      1. Dear Farley,
        I know. I am sorry you had it rough. We all have those days. Hope tomorrow will be better for you!

        Woof! Woof!

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