Farley’s Friday: Do all dogs like car rides?

Farley here,

I’ve just been on a long vacation. Vacations are great. I get to spend time playing with my humans more often, I get to explore new places, and I get to meet new friends.

The drawback? The car. Thirteen hours in one go is just too long. I try to sneak up front, but Kristina won’t let me. My dog bed is tucked behind the driver’s seat, and I have lots of room to move around, but sometimes a dog gets bored and wants to sit on a human lap. The human should then spend hours petting me. What’s wrong with that?


And did you know not all places allow dogs to enter? Just because the humans need a coffee and a snack, shouldn’t mean I have to wait in the car on this cold and rainy day. The first thing I do is jump to the front seat. I’m thinking maybe I can stay here when we hit the road again.

Farley in Audi

No such luck. It’s back to my bed…Although I should tell you, first I get a walk and some water.

Happy Canada Day to all!

Woof Woof.


14 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Do all dogs like car rides?

    1. Linda, Canada started our great. We went for a two hour hike with 2 other dogs. All off leash in the forest, swimming in the creek, chasing each other. Now it’s time for a nap before I go to the beach and play again.


  1. Happy Canada Day Farley…I wasn’t allowed to sit up front on my last big journey but I did have all the back of the Fronteria and aircon to myself so it was comfey but it 24hrs woof Saangchai enjoy your holiday woof

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