Farley’s Friday: Dogs and Yoga

Farley here,

Did you know I love yoga? Kristina used to do yoga on the beach, and I could run anywhere I wanted for a whole hour.Farley running on beach

Now she does yoga in our house. First she runs on the treadmill – she doesn’t like to run outside with the bears in the area – then she does yoga.

Farley on Yoga Mat

I sleep on her yoga mat while she runs. When she’s done, she wants it back. Ha. I never move, so she does yoga on the carpet. That’s just as soft right?

Later she takes me off-leash near the village so I can run, too. I get my freedom time ever day. We cover 5.5 km. So life is good here.

Woof Woof.


8 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Dogs and Yoga

  1. We animals love to see you humans doing Yoga and we always pick up on the good energy generated by the practice. It was us who taught you how to do it in the first place, by demonstrating postures like Downward Facing Dog, Lion, Cobra, Cat etc to Indian sages in ancient times. Pearl loves to do Downward Facing Dog on Annabelle’s Yoga mat – the only trouble is, she digs her claws into it and makes little holes! Millie xx
    PS – We know you’re not really sleeping on that Yoga mat, Farley – you’re meditating. 😉

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