Can Dogs Sell Books to Non-Bookstores?

Farley thinks he can!

Yesterday Farley helped me deliver books to the General Store. Tourist season is here, and it’s a great time for the shelves to be stocked.

DESCENT, BLAZE and AVALANCHE now have a front seat, right beside the till. Theres’s little poster highlighting I’m a local author, so people visiting the resort can buy something local while on their vacation. Every little advantage helps when you’re trying to sell your paperbacks.

Farley and Books

If you want to learn how to sell you’re paperbacks to non-bookstores check out THE AUTHOR’S GUIDE TO SELLING BOOKS TO NON-BOOKSTORES.

And don’t worry about Farley working. He’s paid in dog treats by the manager at the store.

Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Can Dogs Sell Books to Non-Bookstores?

  1. This is a great idea! I live in a holiday resort so the school summer vacation would be a great time to try out my books in local shops – though I don’t think Millie and Pearl would be allowed to come in with me!
    Keep up the good work, Farley 😉

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    1. Annabelle, definitely try it. People love to buy a product from whatever place they are visiting. It gives them something special to take home. Remember to sign your books before you put them in the store. Have fun and good luck.

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