Farley’s Friday: Are Ponds Dangerous? Part II.

Farley here.

Sometimes in life, a dog needs help from his friends. I want to impress my girlfriend Jesse with my jumping-in-pond skills, but I can’t do it alone.

Along comes my pal, Flint. He’s a Portuguese  Water dog, and he’s less than a year old. But he is braver than me. Also, he has ‘water dog’ in his title, so that must mean he is genetically meant to swim.

I put my front paws in the pond. Flint Nudged me. I put my back paws in. He nudged me again.

“This isn’t so bad,” I bark at him.

Flint, Farley in pond

He woofs, then barks in my ear, so only I can hear. “Dude, you actually have to swim if you want to impress the girl.”

I shake my head. No way. I’m not ready for that. Maybe tomorrow.

Flint has an awesome human. She carries cookies, so as a reward for my bravery, I get one.

julie, Flint Farley

Flint may be the better swimmer, but I’m the better sitter. Look how handsome I am waiting politely for my cookie. Now check out Flint. He got too excited and jumped for his. Of course we had to wait until he settled down before we got cookies. Maybe I can trade teaching him how to sit for him teaching me how to swim.

His human is the kind who loves dogs. She’ll do anything for us, including giving us cookies after Flint got her all wet.

Ponds are still dangerous, but not as scary as they were last week.

Woof Woof.


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