Farley’s Friday: A Dog Goes Shopping

Farley here,

I’m Kristina’s strongest advocate when it comes to selling her books. Because I’m so good at it, she takes me along when she visits retail outlets.

This week, my friend for life, Finnur, is staying with us ,so he got to come along, too. I had to teach him how to behave in the General Store.

Last week the General Store sold 30 copies of Kristina’s books, so we had to restock the shelves.  We entered the store and needed to talk to the person working behind the counter. What Finnur didn’t know is the person always gives me a cookie if I behave.

I told Finnur to sit and wag his tail.

He did.

I told him to put on his cutest, you-must-give-me-a-cookie face.

He did that, too. Finnur is a good listener when it comes to getting treats.

Dogs at General Store

And aren’t we the cutest? Wouldn’t you buy books from us?

Well the guy behind the counter thought so, and we sold him another box full of all three books.

Phew…A hard days work.

Woof Woof.


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