FACEBOOK LAUNCH PARTY Skeletons in the Attic

You won’t believe the number of prizes at today’s Facebook launch party. Come on by and meet author Judy Penz Sheluk. Just click the image below and you’ll be taken to the party. It starts at 3 PM EST. TODAY.

Click now, and you’ll be taken to the party site. Once there, click the join button and you’ll be included in event.  All you have to do is show up, answer the odd trivia question, and you can win books!

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What goes on behind closed doors doesn’t always stay there…

Calamity (Callie) Barnstable isn’t surprised to learn she’s the sole beneficiary of her late father’s estate, though she is shocked to discover she has inherited a house in the town of Marketville—a house she didn’t know existed. However, there are conditions attached to Callie’s inheritance: she must move to Marketville, live in the house, and solve her mother’s murder. Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00072]
Callie’s not keen on dredging up a thirty-year-old mystery, but if she doesn’t do it, there’s a
scheming psychic named Misty Rivers who is more than happy to expose the Barnstable family secrets. Determined to thwart Misty and fulfill her father’s wishes, Callie accepts the challenge. But is she ready to face the skeletons hidden in the attic?


Here’s a list of participating authors and the book titles they have so generously donated to help Judy  celebrate:

Vicki Batman: Temporarily Employed
Gail Baugniet: Blood Red Homicide
Conda V. Douglas: Mild West Mysteries
Lynn Franklin:The Blue Diamond
Donna Beckley Galanti: The Human Element
Jane Gorman: What She Fears
Lc Hayden: Secrets of the Tunnels
Heather Hiestand: A Treasure in Laguna
Molly MacRae: Last Wool and Testament
Barbara Monajem: The Rake’s Irish Lady
Terrie Moran: The Awareness and other deadly tales
Author Luke Murphy: Dead Man’s Hand
Judy Penz Sheluk: The Hanged Man’s Noose/Live Free or Tri/Unhappy Endings
Linda Reilly: Out of the Dying Pan
Josie Riviera: Seeking Patience
Laurence St John Author: Metatron: The Angel Has Risen
Kristina Stanley: Descent
B.k. Stevens: Her Infinite Variety: Tales of Women and Crime
Eileen Schuh, Author: The Traz
Cheryl Kaye Tardif: Divine Intervention
Jessie B Tyson: White Heaven Women


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