Farley’s Friday: Can a dog help a human write?

Farley here,

Did you know it takes a human a long time to write a novel?

Kristina is working on a novel she’s calling EVOLUTION. She says there are several dogs in this book. One of them is a wheaten terrier, just like me.

“Is his name Farley,” I woof.

“Nope,” Kristina says. “Farley was in BLAZE, so he can’t be in EVOLUTION. The dog’s name is Jasper.”

I sigh. I don’t see why my name can’t be used in all her books and not just BLAZE.

She’s typing words, but I want to go for a walk. I figure if I sit on her, she’ll work faster.

Farley on lap

Not sure my theory is working…

Woof Woof


9 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Can a dog help a human write?

  1. That sounds very much like a conversation my four-legged child likes to have with me on a regular basis. I keep telling her, she really doesn’t want to be in my books. I can’t guarantee her safety, but does she listen. No. She’s about as stubborn as I am, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets her way one of these days.

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