Farley’s Friday: How I Met My Sister

Farley here.

I’m eight years old and for the first time, I met one one my siblings.

I was running along the beach when I saw her. There was something familiar about her, so I ran closer.

Kristina said to Mathew,”Check it out. There’s a Wheaten.”

I bolt even faster. We meet, we greet, we do the usual sniffing.

By this time, my humans have caught up to us. We don’t see many Wheaten Terriers who still have a full tail.

“Where did you get her?” Kristina asked.

“From a breeder near Comox,” the man said.

My heart pounded. I knew something special was about to happen.

Farley and HIs sisterA little more discussion goes on, and we find out we’re sister and brother. I didn’t even know I had a sister. She’s a bit smaller than me and a bit blonder. But don’t you think we look like siblings?

Talk about exciting!

Woof Woof.


8 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: How I Met My Sister

  1. That’s great! We have a year-old Golden Doodle, Zoey. When our daughter & son-in-law lost their dog, we went to the same breeder and were able to get them Zoey’s half-sister. They share the same father, Roscoe the Poodle. They love playing together! 🙂

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