Farley’s Friday: Where Do Humans Go?

Farley here,

Something weird happened last week. Kristina and Mathew left the house, which they do on occasion, but late in the day, I started to get concerned.

Farley on couch

My bedtime is 9 PM. I like Kristina to tuck me in. She rubs my back until I fall asleep on the floor beside her bed. Sometimes I sneak in her bed once she’s asleep. She never seems to notice.

One night, it’s been dark for hours. I’m getting tired. I want to go to bed, but I can’t find Kristina. I sniff each room. Her scent is in the house, but she’s nowhere to be found.

Kristina’s brother and sister-in-law are here. They feed me and walk me, but I think Kristina forgot to tell them how to tuck me in bed.

I poke my nose at Kristina’s brother. He pets my head but doesn’t follow me when I leave the room.

Next, I try Kristina’s sister-in-law. She loves dogs. She might help. I snuggled up to her, rest my chin on her knee, and turn my brown eyes up at her. She pets my head, too.

I give up on being tucked in, but there’s no way  I’m sleeping alone. I sneak by them, head up the stairs to their room, and hide between the bed and the wall. I’ll be really quiet and they won’t notice I’m in the room.

Someone please tell me where humans go at night. I’m not sure how many nights I can stand tucking myself in.

This is how I started my life with Kristina. I’m used to certain standards.

Farley with Stuffy

Woof Woof



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