Happy New Year To Avalanche

It was a wonderful New Year’s gift to receive this review for AVALANCHE.



It made me feel terrific and motivated that a person out there in the world took the time to post a review after reading AVALANCHE. These are the little moments in an author’s life that should be celebrated.

So let’s celebrate and share our great reviews.

Post your latest review in the comments below with a link so I (and my readers) can check out your books too.

Happy New Year.

Thanks for Reading…


19 thoughts on “Happy New Year To Avalanche

    1. Hi Colin. Congrats. I didn’t know you wrote this book. I’m looking forward to reading it! I couldn’t get the link to work, so I chose one of the 5* reviews to share here.

      A dog leaves paw prints on the heart that last forever!” This heartwarming story of the bond created between a German Shepherd and the owner he chose will keep you turning the pages. It will make you cry; for did you know that dogs can sob? And it will make you laugh, Houdini is no match for Ray! Most of all it will make you fall in love with a German Shepherd who was given a second chance at life, thanks to a very patient and caring human, Colin. If you are a dog lover you will want to add this book to your collection! And if not a dog lover, you may just change your mind after reading this!! Find out what you are missing!

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      1. Thanks so much Kristina. All profits are being directed to the Humane Society that rescued him, and spent 4 months working on him in order to make him a feasible candidate for adoption. Again… many thanks.

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      2. Hi Kristina – I never heard anything further however, if you are still interested in reviewing “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”, then an address (to send the book to) would be a huge advantage 🙂
        Regards. Colin.

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  1. Happy New Year, Kristina and congrats on the well deserved review! Here’s my latest.

    Jan 3 on Goodreads for Skeletons in the Attic. The reviewer (who I do not know) sent me an email to tell me how much she loved the book! That doesn’t happen often.

    “The storyline and the characters made this book a real ‘page-turner’. Also makes Judy Penz Sheluk an author to follow.”

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    1. Hi Judy, Thanks for sharing. I loved reading Skeletons in the Attic. Here is the review I posted on Amazon after I read it. http://amzn.to/2iE0ISG

      Another wonderful story by Judy Penz Sheluk. Skeletons in the Attic takes the reader on Callie’s journey into her past. She finds new friends, but doesn’t know who to trust. Sheluk has a talent for engaging the readers in her character’s lives. She weaves a story that keeps you guessing along the way. The suspense keeps you reading. I’m looking forward to the next in the series.

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