Farley’s Friday: Who Needs A Toy?

Farley here,

My humans think nature should provide toys. Sometimes another human will bring a dog toy into our house, but mostly it’s up to me to find toys in the forest. Sticks are great, but even in the wilderness they can be hard to find.

Not in  summer maybe, but buried beneath the snow, they can be tricky to locate. I have  good nose for it. Finn waits until I find something, and then he wants it.

Farley and Finn

Mathew may have the stick, but who will get it?

Finn is fast, but I’m persistent.

Can you guess who ended up carrying it?

Woof Woof


6 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Who Needs A Toy?

  1. Gibbs reporting in — I love finding sticks. They make the best toys. Pine cones are also fun, though I have to sneak them into my mouth and then into the house without Judy noticing. She says they make a mess. Well, some things just cannot be helped!

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      1. I’ve never tried coconut. It sounds very exotic. So does a catamaran. As for pine cones, the long ones are good to play fetch with, but not very tasty. The small, oval crunchy ones are the best to chew on and fit nicely in your mouth if you are trying to sneak them into the house.

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