Farley’s Friday: A Magic Cupboard

Farley here,

There is a magic cupboard. It’s the holder of all treats. But there is a magic spell required to open the door.

Sometimes, I just need a treat, so I head to the door and gently tap my paw on it.

Humans have strange desires. They don’t like scratch marks on walls, furniture, doors-anything really. It’s as if they don’t want anyone else to know they’ve been in a room. A dog likes to leave a mark everywhere he goes, but I guess I have to be smart if I want that cookie.

I drag my nails hard enough to make a sound but not hard enough to leave mark.

Kristina comes to me and smiles. Now, this can go two ways. I get a treat, or I don’t get a treat. That’s part of the magic.

She’s hesitating, so I put my paws on my nose and push my rump in the air. I’ve got to look cute if I want her to be obedient and get my cookie.

Farley Being Cute

That doesn’t quite do it, so I roll around a bit. This makes her laugh.

She takes one step toward the door, and I know I’ve won. She’s going to give me a cookie!

Woof Woof


12 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Magic Cupboard

  1. We love your method of soliciting treats, Farley. With us, it’s the eyes that have it – you can’t beat a sighthound’s give-me-food eyes!
    Our treats are kept in a red tin our friends brought back from France. It has ‘boite a toutou’ written on it – we’re told it means ‘doggy box’. 🙂 Millie and Pearl xx

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