Farley’s Friday: Dogs At Play

Farley here,

It’s still winter here in Canada and the golf course is still open for dogs. Also, this week is something called spring break where small humans don’t have to go to school.

That means these little people come to the resort. That’s nice, but what’s really great is they bring their dogs.

Farley and Jessie

This is my friend for life Jessie. She’s supposed to be wrestling with me, but she’s been in the car for a few hours and needs to run. Meanwhile, I’ll just roll around until she’s ready to play.

Freedom to run is the best!

Woof Woof.


9 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Dogs At Play

  1. Hey Farley what is snow??? Glad you have new friend…I am quite lonely since I have moved they are not too friendly here or maybe it’s me…I don’t like dogs that talk all the time…they go on and on..and at night a guy can’t get to sleep.

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      1. That sounds like fun I do wet when my master plays with hose with me cools me down woof..I know lots of street dogs here and they all want to be in charge but I am sure I will find a nice girlie soon..woof

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