What do Author Endorsements and Sailing have common?

Many of you know I’ve sold the eBook and print rights for my upcoming novel LOOK THE OTHER WAY to Imajin Books. I’m excited to share that the fourth endorsement is in!

Look The Other Way takes place on a sailboat…that’s what’s in common between the endorsement and sailing.

In my book, The Author’s Guide To Selling Books to Non-Bookstores, I wrote about the importance of endorsements. Here’s a little excerpt to share with you why I’m working on getting endorsments:

AGTSBNBWhy Are Endorsements Important

When you take your book to a store, endorsements on the front and back cover will add legitimacy to your books. That’s promotional material every time someone picks up your novel.

I believe this is more important for printed books than eBooks. The image of your book cover online may be too small for a potential buyer to read the endorsements. In a store, the endorsements may just give you an edge over other books on the shelf.

The endorsements that go on your cover are ones that connect with your readers. You want to find authors who write in your genre that readers will recognize. Having an endorsement from your mom is nice, but it won’t help sell your book. Unless your mom is a famous author, in which case, go ahead and use her.


Bestselling author James Osborne

James’s working career began in journalism and then teaching journalism, after which he took a detour through the corporate world before returning to writing. That detour included becoming vice-president of a Fortune 500 company — a mixed blessing — and then president of a management consulting firm for 10 years. Those experiences made clear that a varied life, filled with a diversity of good and occasional not-so-good experiences, provides a huge resource for creative writing.

You can find out more about James’s novels at https://jamesosbornenovels.com

James blogged on Mystery Mondays July 18th, 2016 and I hope he posts again.


Be Prepared

Fair Warning: Be sure to make dinner and get lots of rest before starting to read Look The Other Way. You will not want to put this gem down until the very surprising and very satisfying end. This wonderfully told double-murder mystery by award-winning novelist Kristina Stanley will sneak up on you and refuse to let go until you have followed the twists and turns in the unpredictable adventures of Jake and Shannon to the logical outcome… but is it, and are they, and do they, and did they? You may never know unless you take the time and… Look The Other Way.  


9 thoughts on “What do Author Endorsements and Sailing have common?

  1. Hi Kristina Thanks for the generous plugs! Cheers Jim

    PS: For another time: I do have another book out, called Encounters With Life: Tales of Living, Loving and Laughter. Here’s the cover (can’t get it any smaller):

    Thanks again! Happy you are pleased with the endorsement. Cheers Jim


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  2. At what stage should we be getting endorsements? My debut novel is going to be re-published and is being proof-read. I have old reviews but not from anyone famous, just friends. You move in more refined circles it seems – great endorsement, James.

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    1. Hi Roland, as soon as you have an advanced reader copy, you should start asking people. Sometimes authors need 2 to 3 months to get back to you with an endorsement. It just depends how busy they are. Most authors receiving the request understand they are getting a copy that hadn’t been proofread yet. It always makes me nervous to send an unproofed copy but that’s the way the industry works.

      I’ve had people ask me with on a weeks notice, and the timing was too tight.

      Congrats on re-publshing your novel. That’s exciting.

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      1. Thanks, Kristina, for the quick reply. Are you open to read an ARC that has been published? It’s a mystery but set against the horse world so might be best offered to someone who writes those kinds of books, Many thanks anyway. (And do you send your ARCs in Word?)

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        1. You bet. I sent you an email with details. As for format, I always as the reading author what they prefer. Some like a printed copy, some PDF, some word, some mobi. I want to make it easy for them.


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