Farley’s Friday: There’s a Mouse in the Hot Tub

Farley here,

I am one busy dog. I don’t know how my humans would take care of this place if I wasn’t here.

They, my humans, don’t seem to have any sense of smell and are a little hard of hearing.

I hear a squeak. I smell the mouse from inside our house.

I run to the door, wag my tail, and stare outside. This is where the humans are quite smart. Kristina knows this means she must open the door for me. I don’t bark, whine, or scratch the door. She can read my mind. I just stare, and she does what I want.

I burst outside and circle the tub. I know a mouse is hiding inside, but I can’t get to it. All I need to to is scare it, and it will run away.

After an hour or two, I get a little tired and just sit and stare. Maybe the mouse can read my mind too, and it will know it should leave.

Farley Hot Tub

Darkness comes. My humans make me come inside and go to bed. I don’t want to, but I know I have too. I’m getting a little cold anyway.

Morning comes, and before I do anything else, I run to the hot tub and search for the mouse. I can’t hear it and I can’t smell it. It’s gone.

I’ve done my job and scared the mouse away!

Woof Woof.



12 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: There’s a Mouse in the Hot Tub

  1. Hey, Farley, I am the best rat catcher my mistress says but she tells me off when I go after snakes I don’t know why as I am fast..but she says they are faster so I suppose I best leave them and go and chase the cats..woof Saangchai


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