Farley’s Fridays: Are Wheaten Terriers Ever Sad?

Farley here,

Sad eyes, that’s what I have. The question is why. I’m standing in a beautiful creek. I’m off-leash.  What could be making me sad?

Farley In Creek

Kristina is telling me it’s time to get out of the creek and head home. I don’t want to. I love it in here. My tummy is cool. My paws tingle in the running water.

I put on my “best” sad eyes. They get Kristina every time. She can’t stand it if she thinks I’m unhappy, so she gives me more time to play in the water.

But to answer the question: “Are Wheaten Terriers ever sad?” Not a chance. I’ve been gifted with eyes that can look sad, but inside I’m all giggles. I know I’ll get my way, especially with a human like mine.

Woof Woof


9 thoughts on “Farley’s Fridays: Are Wheaten Terriers Ever Sad?

  1. I swear, every dog I’ve ever had has those “sad eyes.” I’ve only had two, though! My first dog was a rat terrier, so sad eyes is a terrier thing! My current dog is part King Charles Spaniel…sad eyes are their thing! Expressive eyes just make them more lovable.

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