Publishing Journey: Getting a novel cover ready

LTOW Early CoverTwo exciting things happened today. First, I received a sneak peek of the cover of my upcoming novel, Look the Other Way. COMING August 2017.

Secondly, I received an endorsement from a talented Canadian author.

The endorsements are important for the cover. My publisher, Imajin Books, puts one endorsement on the front cover and two on the back cover. These are excerpts from the full endorsement.

The full endorsements will be printed inside the novel. For more on endorsements, check out The Importance of Author Endorsements.

I’m thrilled to say my latest endorsement is from Elle Wild.


Elle Wild won the Arthur Ellis Award this year for the Best First Novel. This is an award given for the best Canadian Crime Novel. After reading Strange Things Done, I know why the novel won. The novel takes place in Dawson City, Yukon. It’s a mystery full of texture and gives you a view into life in a remote Canadian city in the north.

Elle Wild grew up in a dark, rambling farmhouse in the wilds of Canada where there was nothing to do but read Edgar Allan Poe and watch PBS mysteries. She is an award-winning short filmmaker and the former host of Wide Awake on CBC Radio One.

To celebrate Canada Day, July 1st – Canada’s 150th Birthday – why not read Canada’s newcomer who is certainly going to be one of our best.

And speaking of Elle, she’s read an advanced reader copy of Look the Other Way and had this to say:

Look the Other Way is an entertaining beach read that will have you hankering for strong winds, clear skies, and cool tropical drinks. Stanley’s personal experience sailing in the Caribbean shines through in this suspenseful island romp. Readers will enjoy her lushly imagined settings as Stanley expertly navigates the plot mechanisms of both romance and mystery, keeping her story on a steady course for adventure.

 — Elle Wild, Winner of Arthur Ellis Award 2017 “Best First Novel” for Strange Things Done


12 thoughts on “Publishing Journey: Getting a novel cover ready

  1. So exciting to see your new cover Kristina! Love it! Congrats on the endorsement as well. It sounds AMAZING. I am looking forward to reading! Can’t wait to see how your own sailing experience enriches this story.

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